Come and See – Prayers Inspired by John 1

Based on John 1:1-28
Jesus, True Light, enlighten us
Dispel the darkness of pettiness and fear
division and falsehood
apathy and evil

Offer your own prayers of confession

You are here, You are coming, You are overcoming
Blessed be your name.

Based on John 1:29-51
Come and See
the One foretold
the Fulfillment of promises
Who ranks ahead and comes before

Come and See
the Chosen One
Long awaited
Who welcomes one and all

Come and See
the Messiah
Rabbi and Redeemer
the Lamb of God
Who takes away our sin, our shame, our brokenness
and the sin, the shame, the brokenness of our world

Come and See
Behold and Believe

Offer your own prayers of thanksgiving for God’s presence and power


I’ll be posting prayers based on the Gospel of John throughout Lent this year as part of our Lenten Reading Plan. Here’s your invitation to join us for this reading plan.  

Be sure to also check out Testifiy to the Light – Prayers based on John 1:6-8

Prayers Inspired by John 1 © 2023 Lisa Ann Moss Degrenia
You are welcome to use this work in a worship setting without asking permission. It’s always a treat to hear from you if you’re using it. Leave a comment for information and permission to publish this work in a book, blog, etc.

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