Prayer Guide for a Back to School Event

25318_UMC back to school_unbranded_071416-02Our congregation hosts a large back to school event called Day 4 Hope. It’s part of a network of events to reach all the elementary school age children in need in Sarasota County Florida. (and their siblings) It’s coordinated by a ministry called Hope 4 Communities.

At this event, children receive everything they need to start school confident- school supplies, backpacks, hygiene items, books, food, gift certificates for clothing and shoes, a haircut, eye exam, dental screening, medical screening, and a back to school blessing. 

It is a huge initiative requiring far more than tons of volunteers, professionals, community partners, coordination, set up, time, and money. It is a God-sized project to build relationships, narrow the opportunity gap, and make God’s love real. It’s important work, holy work, and that is why we pray. 

You are welcome to adapt this resource for your own needs. May it be useful to you and to the building of God’s kingdom on earth. – Lisa <><  

Day 4 Hope Prayer Guide

Week of July 1, Read Zechariah 4:6
Our Saturday, August 4th Day 4 Hope, and the year of sharing the love of Jesus throughout our neighborhood to follow, are beyond our strength, wisdom, and skill. It is a God-sized calling which requires humble and fervent prayer. Pray for our Trinity Day 4 Hope team, especially our team leaders Carol Harris, Nancy Masterson, Tammy Barnett, and Sherrill Carr. Pray we would be faithful in seeking the Lord’s strength in all aspects of this effort, faithful to one another as we serve together, and faithful in listening to God’s direction above all things.

Week of July 8, Read Mark 12:28-34
Pray for the families attending Day 4 Hope, for the staff and children of the Everyday Blessing Foster Home, and for the faculty and staff of Phillippi Shores Elementary School.

Week of July 15, Read Matthew 25:31-40
Pray for our community partners- Hope 4 Communities which organizes the effort across the county, other congregations involved in the Day 4 Hope effort, Police, Firefighters, Businesses, Lions, Suncoast Campaign for Grade-Level Reading, the Public Library, Health Department, and All Faith’s Foodbank. Pray for our generous professionals- Hairstylists, Dental, Medical, and Photography.

Week of July 22, Read Acts 7:32-34
Walk our campus, imagining and blessing those who will serve and be served.

Week of July 29, Read 1 Chronicles 16:34-36
Call on the power of the Holy Spirit to bring our entire neighborhood to saving faith, caring relationship, and joyful service to one another in Jesus’ Name.

Prayer Guide for a Back to School Event © 2018 Lisa Ann Moss Degrenia
You are welcome to use this work and adapt this work with proper attribution. Leave a comment for posting and publication considerations.

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