Prayer Guide for a Back to School Event

25318_UMC back to school_unbranded_071416-02Our congregation hosts a large back to school event called Day 4 Hope. It’s part of a network of events to reach all the elementary school age children in need in Sarasota County Florida. (and their siblings) It’s coordinated by a ministry called Hope 4 Communities.

At this event, children receive everything they need to start school confident- school supplies, backpacks, hygiene items, books, food, gift certificates for clothing and shoes, a haircut, eye exam, dental screening, medical screening, and a back to school blessing. 

It is a huge initiative requiring far more than tons of volunteers, professionals, community partners, coordination, set up, time, and money. It is a God-sized project to build relationships, narrow the opportunity gap, and make God’s love real. It’s important work, holy work, and that is why we pray. 

You are welcome to adapt this resource for your own needs. May it be useful to you and to the building of God’s kingdom on earth. – Lisa <><  

Day 4 Hope Prayer Guide

Week of July 1, Read Zechariah 4:6
Our Saturday, August 4th Day 4 Hope, and the year of sharing the love of Jesus throughout our neighborhood to follow, are beyond our strength, wisdom, and skill. It is a God-sized calling which requires humble and fervent prayer. Pray for our Trinity Day 4 Hope team, especially our team leaders Carol Harris, Nancy Masterson, Tammy Barnett, and Sherrill Carr. Pray we would be faithful in seeking the Lord’s strength in all aspects of this effort, faithful to one another as we serve together, and faithful in listening to God’s direction above all things.

Week of July 8, Read Mark 12:28-34
Pray for the families attending Day 4 Hope, for the staff and children of the Everyday Blessing Foster Home, and for the faculty and staff of Phillippi Shores Elementary School.

Week of July 15, Read Matthew 25:31-40
Pray for our community partners- Hope 4 Communities which organizes the effort across the county, other congregations involved in the Day 4 Hope effort, Police, Firefighters, Businesses, Lions, Suncoast Campaign for Grade-Level Reading, the Public Library, Health Department, and All Faith’s Foodbank. Pray for our generous professionals- Hairstylists, Dental, Medical, and Photography.

Week of July 22, Read Acts 7:32-34
Walk our campus, imagining and blessing those who will serve and be served.

Week of July 29, Read 1 Chronicles 16:34-36
Call on the power of the Holy Spirit to bring our entire neighborhood to saving faith, caring relationship, and joyful service to one another in Jesus’ Name.

Prayer Guide for a Back to School Event © 2018 Lisa Ann Moss Degrenia
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Prayers for the Start of the School Year

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Would you join me in praying for educators and students as they start a new school year? Below you’ll find a few prayers for your quiet time. Pick a few to pray each day between now and the end of the month. The prayers are inpired by a resource called Keys to the Kingdom by Prayer Point Press. May you and your community be blessed and growing in the wonder of God’s good earth and the hope of Rabbi Jesus. Lisa <><

Covering our Community in Prayer
August Emphasis: Education

Comforting One, bring peace to all those who are feeling anxious about the first days of school. Fill them with confidence and encouragement. Amen.

Father, every good and perfect gift comes from you. Open the windows of heaven on each school in our community. Supply what they need. Help students, teachers, and administrators to use your gifts to bless others and bring you glory. Amen.

Mighty God, Creator of heaven and earth, reveal your wisdom in every teaching moment. Draw students to you as they study the wonders of your world. May your truth be evident and rise above false voices. Amen.

Gracious God, thank you for those who serve as administrative assistants, food preparers, and maintenance workers. Their example inspires us to serve others with love and humility just as Jesus did. Show us how to do all things, big or small, as unto you. Amen.

Holy Spirit, our Companion and Counselor, reveal yourself to school social workers and guidance counselors, especially when they are working with students. Give them supernatural wisdom and insight. Use them to enlighten, encourage, and confirm your purpose in young lives. Amen.

Jesus our Savior, raise up Godly role models in our schools. Give them courage to live both humbly and boldly for you. Empower them to be wholesome examples in speech, life, faith, and purity. Let their light shine for you. Amen.

Creative One, thank you for those who sacrifice their time to help with extracurricular activities. Bless them with joy and enthusiasm. Help them see good and lasting fruit from their labor. Amen.

Loving God, your joy is our strength. Fill classrooms and administrative offices with delight and hope. Help educators, students and parents to see you at work and to give you glory. Replace fatigue, frustration, and fear with joy. Amen.

Welcoming One, help every student to feel that they belong- that they are precious and important to others and to you. Protect them from teasing, isolation, bullying, discrimination, and despair. Fill them with truth and hope. Amen.

Holy Spirit, our Guide and Guardian, thank you for bus drivers, crossing guards, and police officers who work so hard to keep students safe. Protect students as they travel to and from school, field trips, and other events. Place an extra hand of protection on student drivers. Amen.

Prince of Peace, cover every school campus with your shalom. Make them safe sanctuaries of learning and growth. Guard hearts, minds, and bodies against every type of evil. Bring an end to bullying, abuse, discrimination, prejudice, and violence. Build bridges across dividing lines. Amen.

Heavenly Father, give young people a healthy attitude toward competition and achievement. Keep them from unhealthy pride, perfectionism, and from making success an idol. Amen.

Jesus you are the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Show students the way out when they are tempted. Keep them far from pressures which tempt them to cheat in order to get ahead. Keep them far from compromising integrity or purity in order to fit in. Give them a strong No! to sin and a resounding Yes! to wholeness and holiness. Amen.

God of the nations, thank you for the great gift of education. Thank you for making us a thinking people and for the blessings of curiosity and discovery. Bless and help developing nations to provide education for their people. Help us never to take education for granted. Amen.

Loving God, bless every home in our community.
Bring peace where there is anxiety.
Provision where there is need
Wisdom where there is confusion
Understanding where there is anger
Freedom where there is addiction
Recovery where there is illness
Reconciliation where there is division
Shalom where there is brutality
Unity where there is prejudice
Hope where there is despair
Faith where there is none

Thank you for your help and healing power
Thank you for your presence and salvation
We need you Lord Jesus, come quickly.