Celebrate Together: an order of worship for a blended Thanksgiving service

give-thanksOn the Sunday before Thanksgiving, our congregation comes together for one blended worship service (instead of a contemporary service and a traditional service) followed by a community meal. It’s a joyful time to bring all the musicians together to lead worship, including the children’s choir. We organized the service into three sections- Praise the Lord, Thank the Lord, and Testify to the Lord. We hope it inspires wonderful worship in your congregation. Happy Thanksgiving! – Lisa <><

Welcome and Announcements
Greeting One Another- Passing the Peace of Christ

Praise the Lord
Musical Selection serving as an Introit
Congregational Singing: We Gather Together – United Methodist Hymnal #131 vs 1, 2

Music continues and transitions to next song during the prayer

Prayer of Thanks
Let us give thanks to God, Maker of Heaven and Earth,
For the blessings and gifts so freely bestowed upon us

For the splendor and wonder of your creation, in earth and sky and sea

Thanks be to God!

For the beautiful diversity of people and cultures across your good earth

Thanks be to God!

For our daily food and drink
For our home and those who love us

Thanks be to God!
May all receive what they need

For minds to think, hearts to love, hands to serve

Thanks be to God!

For all who work courageously
For truth, peace, and justice,

Thanks be to God!

Above all, let us give thanks
for the great promises and mercies
given to us and all the world
in Jesus Christ our Lord

Praise and glory be to Christ
With the Father and the Holy Spirit
Now and forever

Congregational Singing: Shout to the Lord, CCLI Song # 1406918 (twice)
Affirmation of Faith: Apostles’ Creed, United Methodist Hymnal #881

Musical Selection

Thank the Lord
Offertory Prayer
Offertory Musical Selection

Praying for the Needs of Others
Lord’s Prayer

Congregational Singing: 10,000 Reasons, CCLI Song # 6016351
Congregational Singing: All Creatures of Our God and King, CCLI Song # 3608102

Video: The Cure by Journey Box Media
Scripture: 1 Thessalonians 5:16-19
Message: Give Thanks in All Circumstances

Testify to the Lord
Spontaneous Prayers of Thanks
Congregational Singing: Give Thanks, CCLI Song # 20285 (twice)
Congregational Singing: Amazing Grace/My Chains are Gone, CCLI Song # 4768151

Departing Blessing

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