Israel Spiritual Travel Journal

Israel Journal flat lay cover

Lisa’s Current Project is a journal for folks taking a pilgrimage (religious trip) to Israel. Think of it as a field guide, a place to take notes during your trip which combines the best of a travel journal and spiritual journal.

The journal includes pre-trip planning pages, scripture reference pages which list events from the Gospels by location, ten six-page spreads for recording each day of your trip, and post-trip pages to gather all you’ve experienced and plan next steps for integrating it into your life.

“Our first journey to Israel was so much more than a trip. It was one of the most beautiful, moving, and transforming experiences I’ve ever had. It’s an encounter with God. That’s my prayer for this journal, that it will help people have a profound encounter with God in Israel.” 

If you’re heading to Israel in 2020, consider joining Lisa’s Israel Journal Feedback Team. You’d test drive the journal prototype during your trip and provide feedback for upcoming editions. Leave a comment below for more information or to sign up.

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