About this site- FAQ

Why Turning the Word?
I often joke that what I do as a pastor is much like what Vanna White does on Wheel of Fortune. It’s never about me. My main job is to point. “Look! God is here and has a word for you!” I help folks figure out the message. I cheer them on. I keep turning the letters and words until we all have an “ah-ha” moment with God. Then, suddenly, everything is different.

What type of blog is this? 
In the past few years, I’ve found a strong connection to God through writing. Writing helps me to focus and go deep with God. It’s my hope that what’s posted here will help you have regular, life-changing encounters with God as well.

I usually post Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. You’ll find prayers and resources for incorporating spiritual practices into your everyday life. Sermon recordings and notes are usually posted on Mondays.

Can I use your work?
The whole point of the site is to share. You’re welcome to use any of my original work in a worship setting with proper attribution:

  • by Rev. Lisa Ann Moss Degrenia (www.revlisad.com)

Please leave a comment on the post for information and permission to publish that post in any form.

You are welcome and encouraged to follow her writing here and on Instagram @revlisad.

2 thoughts on “About this site- FAQ

  1. Dear Pastor Lisa, Hi! My name is Timothy Baugh. I live in California. I saw on your blog how you offer to “publish”. I am confused. Are you referring to your own work/works or that of others too? Do you mean articles, books, music, poems? Just what, if anything are you willing to “publish”, and how? How much, if anything, do you charge to “publish”? Copyrighted material or only Public Domain? Perhaps your blog is a bit vague in just what you mean. I too am a Christian. I write music (some Copyrighted) and have written four books yet to be published if I should wish to. I attend a Christian Church(Disciples Of Christ). Please, if you can, kindly respond so I have some clarification on this matter. Thank You and God Bless You. Timothy.

    • Hi Timothy, thanks for your question. Here’s what I mean by publish. I post compilations and original work on the site for the benefit of others. If you find something that would be helpful to a worship service, a retreat, or some other devotional situation, you are free to use it. All I ask is that you let folks know it came from me and my site. There have been instances where people wanted to publish a prayer or poem in a book. In these cases, they paid me for the right to include what I wrote in their for profit publication. I hope that clears things up for you. – Lisa <

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