Help me Pick a Cover Color

Greetings Dear Ones!

Things have been quiet here for several months. I hope you’ve been able to find some meaningful worship resources using the search box.

Several things have kept me away, including working on a guided spiritual journal. This journal is specifically designed for folks taking a pilgrimage to the Holy Land or other location found in the scriptures.

I’d love your help choosing a color for the cover of the journal. The title, photos, and layout are finalized, but not the color. Leave a comment below with your favorite choice. I’d also love to know why this one is your favorite.

Peace be with you – Lisa <><

23 thoughts on “Help me Pick a Cover Color

  1. All are beautiful colors. If able could you offer more than one color to choose from? I like #6 the best because it’s one of my favorite colors. In my opinion any of the colors are nice.

  2. Blue
    As I find blue very calming and refreshing!
    The color of the sky and water, Oceans God has provided for us.

  3. Number 6 is a beautiful color, a blended together color from the green grass of the earth, the blue of the ocean water and sky, all things God created! So glad you are back writing Lisa, we have missed you. Sue

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