2020 Bookshelf

2020 bookshelfIn November of 2014, I read a blog post encouraging persons to set aside a bookshelf for all the books read in a calendar year. As the year goes by, you see the shelf filling and are reminded of time well spent. (I wish I could remember who to thank.)

The project was so rewarding I’ve continued it every year. I’ve found the process of adding books enjoyable and helpful. Sometimes you forget a really good book.

This year I read far fewer books than in years past. One reason was I wanted to study what I was reading for greater retention. I’ve also devoted more time to podcasts and online courses.

Then the pandemic hit. I wasn’t traveling so I wasn’t listening to audiobooks. But the big, truthful reason is I just didn’t have any bandwidth left for reading. Many blessings to those of you who found solace in reading during the pandemic. Many blessings to those of you, like me, who didn’t. Let’s be kind to each other, and to ourselves.

Helpful Hints

  • If you read most of your books electronically, or through library loans, consider setting up a virtual bookshelf on Pinterest.
  • Another option for a virtual bookshelf is to set up a profile on Goodreads. Be sure to fill in a start and end date for each book you complete. You can even set up a reading challenge for the year.
  • My list includes books I read and books I listen to while traveling. (again, not much traveling this year) There are wonderful, free audiobooks available through your local library and via streaming if you subscribe to Amazon Prime.

So my friends here’s my 2020 bookshelf. I hope it encourages you and that you find a treasure or two. Should it be helpful to you, I’m glad to provide more feedback on specific selections. Just leave a comment below. Also, feel free to leave your book recommendations in the comments.

Happy reading. Happy exploring. Happy growing. – Lisa <><



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