A question for subscribers

cropped-Lisa-profile-picture-2018Greetings Dear Ones,

I’m so thankful you’ve decided to subscribe to the blog. It’s my prayer what you find here will draw you closer to God and that you’ll feel more confident in your spiritual practices.

Please respond to 3 subscriber questions so I can improve this blog.

1. Recently, I changed what you receive via email when I make a post. My hope was that you’d click through to the website to finish the post and stay to explore more resources.

I realize my intentions may have been unclear and that this new format might be frustrating or discouraging.

When I post, do you want to receive the entire post or just a portion which you would need to click through to read the rest? I want to send you things in the way that is most helpful.

2. Also, what are your thoughts on a newsletter? Would this be valuable to you?

3. Content questions: What content is most helpful to you? What would you like to see more of? What questions would you like answered, topics or themes covered?

Thank you again for being part of this community. You are important to me and important to God. Peace be with you.

Your sister and servant in Christ- Lisa <><

3 thoughts on “A question for subscribers

  1. I like it just the way it is at present. Many articles are placed into a folder for future study/reference,
    so this new format is very helpful.

  2. I tried to answer your request but when I tried to submit my response, it demanded a website which I don’t have. I ended with ….. I hope this is helpful – please keep up the great resources but this is not really for public sharing?? I am not good at this type of interaction.

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  3. I like the whole post. I often check email away from home, without internet so having the whole message is great.
    2. Appreciate your writings. Would a newsletter change the content?
    3. Your prayers are timely, reflecting current events or holidays. I really love that.

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