Prayer: Abundance, Provision, Plenty (Genesis 13)

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November and December, the Superbowl of consumerism. It’s everywhere- buy buy buy, do do do, eat eat eat. ⁠

What are you doing this season to keep things in perspective and whole? What are you doing to encourage peacemaking? (Oh the truth of family gatherings!)

I’m choosing silence, generosity, and sabbath. Let’s help each other out by sharing our practices below. ⁠

Prayer: Abundance, Provision, Plenty
You are the God of ⁠
Abundance, Provision, and Plenty⁠

So many do not have enough⁠
So many are burdened by far too much⁠
So many squander what they have⁠
So many do evil to get more⁠

The “many” include me⁠
Lord, have mercy

Help me choose ⁠
Collaboration over competition
Gratitude over greed ⁠
Rest over hustle
Generosity over fear ⁠

Help me choose You and Your ways⁠

I trust you to provide everything I need
and everything others need
Increase my faith and trust

Help me approach every need and conflict
with fairness, generosity, openness
Help me see all you are providing
Help me see all people as you see them
Help me hear and listen to all you are saying
Your ways, always. Amen

This prayer is based on Genesis 13, the division of property between Abraham and Lot in light of the promises of God to Abraham

Abundance, Provision, Plenty © 2019 Lisa Ann Moss Degrenia
Leave a comment for information and permission to publish this work in any form.

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