A Prayer of Confession based on the call of Matthew (Matthew 9.9-13)

Matthew 9_13 mercy sacrificeBased on Matthew 9:9-13, the call of Matthew the tax collector

Jesus, we bow in wonder at the expanse of your embrace
the breadth of your inclusion
the surprise of your grace

You seek and seek and seek
Including those we write off as beyond hope
the outcasts
the public sinners
the self-serving
those who collaborate with evil and oppression…

Why are we surprised?
You desire mercy not sacrifice
You are the Great Physician
coming to those most in need of healing

Forgive us
Forgive us for forgetting who you are
Forgive us for forgetting our own sin
and isolation
and collaboration
Forgive us for judging
Forgive our self-righteousness
Forgive us for limiting you
when we are so desperately in need of you
We are “those most in need” as well

Create in us clean hearts and renew your Holy Spirit within us

Lord have mercy
Lord have mercy on us all

A prayer of confession based on the call of Matthew © 2017 Lisa Ann Moss Degrenia
You are welcome to use this work in a worship setting with proper attribution. Please leave a comment below for information and permission to publish this work in any form.

9 thoughts on “A Prayer of Confession based on the call of Matthew (Matthew 9.9-13)

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  2. Beautiful and meaningful prayer. Would request use for use in worship for Presbyterian Church in Monroe, GA. Thanks, Rev. John Westlund

  3. Love this. Would like to use this in a Home Liturgy setting for several of our folks that are either quarantined or in social isolation. I serve as the Resource Presbyter for several churches in Central New York.

  4. This is gorgeous. We are briefly deviating from the lectionary this week. May I use this prayer in our service and print in the bulletin? Joe Lee – East End UMC, Nashville, TN

  5. Would like to use this coffession for small church service…very beautiful Ithaca Pres in Othaca Michigan

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