Find us and Flood us (2 Corinthians 4)

praise-and-worship-worship-danceBased on 2 Corinthians 4:7-15

The power is from you, Glorious One
An extraordinary power to persevere
and to speak

It comes to my mortality
to my frail clay
to my dust
You hold me and wash me and form me
that I may carry your power as it carries me

O the glory of your grace
Grace extending more and more
more and more to me and more and more through me to others
Your Spirit of faith and life flowing, flooding…

Find us, glorious one
Find us all for we are your treasure
Find us and raise us from the earth
that we may dance at your throne
that we may sing and shout our thanksgiving
to the honor and glory of your name forever

Find us and Flood Us © 2017 Lisa Ann Moss Degrenia
You are welcome to use this work in a worship setting with proper attribution.
Leave a comment for information and permission to publish this work in any form.

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