Prayer- Jesus, Grant Me Your Heart

Sacred Heart 3Jesus, Lord of All
Grant me a compassionate heart
Teach me judgment without being judgmental
Boundaries without guarding too much
Love without agendas

Jesus, Lord of All
Grant me a courageous heart
Teach me truth without using it as a weapon
Engagement without enabling
Confronting without a win/lose mindset

Jesus, Lord of All
Grant me a heart of hope
Teach me peace without apathy
Rest without laziness
Patience without despair

Jesus, Lord of All
Grant me your heart

An extended quote from Living Compassion: Loving Like Jesus by Andrew Dreitcer
True compassion is grounded in spontaneous feeling, informed by understanding, and expressed in action, as our look at biblical understandings of compassion showed. But these core elements must be infused with wisdom: thoughtful analysis, careful deliberation, and spiritual discernment informed by intuition, data, and prayerful attention to divine invitation.

Without wisdom, reaction to compassionate feelings can lead to actions that may not actually be compassionate – that is, they may not be in the best interest of the persons they are meant to help. Without wisdom, understanding can merely skim the surface and focus on problem-solving activities rather than truly meeting persons’ needs. Unwise action, no matter how caring the intention, may be misguided, inappropriate, or even harmful.

Jesus, Grant me Your Heart © 2017 Lisa Ann Moss Degrenia
You are welcome to use this work in a worship setting with proper attribution.
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