Prayer when your treatment is being denied

hospital bed dark hall

Bed where patient is waited

This prayer was inspired by a friend whose insurance company denied the tests she needs. Heartbreaking. Frustrating. Infuriating. It is the third in a series of prayers for those walking the long journey of serious illness.

As always, may this prayer for her also be a blessing to you and to others you may know. Feel free to adapt it for your needs.

May all who need tests and treatments have access to what they need. May those with the power to make decisions about access to treatment do so with compassion and justice, especially for those with no one to take up their cause. – Lisa <><

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Jesus, Good Shepherd
You care for your lambs
Thank you for the compassion and strength you are extending to Janene
Help her to hear your voice and trust your promises

Jesus, Good Shepherd,
You defend your lambs
Thank you for fighting for Janene so she can have the tests and treatments she needs
Thank you for those who are taking up her cause
Help her to rest and trust in your provision
Empower those who are helping her with perseverance, boldness, and favor

Jesus, Good Shepherd,
You lead your lambs
Through the shadowy valleys, you lead
By the still waters, you lead
You make the way
You see us through
Help Janene to follow and trust your healing presence

All the days of this life
And all the days beyond this life
You are ours and we are yours
You are Goodness and Mercy
We are safe and home
Hallelujah! Amen!

Prayer when your treatment is being denied
© 2016 Lisa Ann Moss Degrenia
You are welcome to use this work in a worship setting with proper attribution.
Contact the Lisa for posting and publication considerations.

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