Designing a Prayer Walk Guide

walk-shoes-walking-feet-grey-gravel-1-1024x534We want to make a difference in our communities. We’re honored for the chance to join Jesus in his saving work. Yet, it’s so easy to try to do it in our own strength. Or worse, to turn a good thing, a great thing, into something toxic.

How can we best approach our serving from the right head place and heart place? Humble, yet excellent and empowered. We can:

  • study demographics and research solutions
  • plan and train well
  • ask great questions, tuning in to the wisdom and hopes of experts and those being served
  • study scripture and pray, tuning in to the wisdom and promptings of God

Praying throughout the process is essential, including a concentrated time of prayer close to the beginning of the event. For this concentrated time, consider a prayer walk- literally walking through the spaces in which the event will be held. As you walk consider those who will serve, those who will be served, and the hopes for outcomes. Claim the promises of God in scripture and call on the power and presence of the Holy Spirit.

Click this link for the Day of Hope Prayer Walk 2015
This prayer walk guide was written for a large back to school event at Trinity United Methodist Church Sarasota entitled Day of Hope. The guide includes scriptures, prompts for each space being used in the event, and a list of event partners. We walked the campus, using the prayer guide as part of the volunteer training. Each person walked in silence, at their own pace, using the prayer guide in their own way. It’s my hope that this guide will inspire you to create one for your next initiative. – Lisa <><

PS: Speaking of Day of Hope, our event was part of a much larger initiative by an organization called Hope Kids Community. Their vision is to partner every school in Sarasota county with a congregation- a simple, grass roots, faith based effort addressing the needs of local families. This movement was founded by Pam Hawn, a gifted, humble, faithful follower of Jesus Christ. The 2015 event served over 2000 students, bringing together congregations, businesses, professionals, school personnel and countless volunteers.

We were honored to serve 100 of those students and their families this year. At the event, each student received gift cards for clothing and shoes, backpacks, school supplies, books, hygiene items, medical screenings, dental screenings, vision screenings, back to school photos, family portraits, child ID kits, food for several meals, haircuts, and of course lots of love and prayer. We will continue to build relationships with our families throughout the year.

Click here for a video of photos from our event.

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