You Found It! A Simple Bible Reading Plan for Christmas

christmas bible reading plan rustic 4Are you looking for a simple way to connect with God as you prepare for Christmas? You found it! This Bible reading plan will walk you through the timeless Christmas story from the gospels of Matthew, Luke, and John. Some of the scriptures are even repeated so you can go slow and go deep.

Set aside time in your schedule now to curl up in your favorite chair with God’s Word this season. Consider sharing this time with loved ones. How lovely to enjoy the reading together before a meal.

Read, reflect, remember, rejoice. May your time with God this holy season bring you comfort and joy.

Merry Christmas! – Lisa <><

Click this link for a printable version of this plan.
2014 Christmas Reading Plan

Click this link for suggestions on getting the most from your Bible reading
You Can Read the Bible: Two Approaches

This is a 5 day a week reading plan. Feel free to adjust the days without reading to best fit your schedule.

December 1: Luke 1:5-25
Zechariah and Gabriel
Merciful God, you offer me new life. Help me receive it and believe it.

December 2: Luke 1:26-38
Mary and Gabriel
Holy One, reveal my role in your saving work and give me the courage to say yes.

December 3: Luke 1:26-38
Mary and the Holy Spirit
Power of the Most High, overshadow me and make your home in me.

December 4: Luke 1:39-45
Mary Visits Elizabeth
Jesus, fill me with a spirit of hospitality so I may see and welcome all people as you do.

December 5: Luke 1:46-56
Mary’s Song
Mighty God, open my lips with a witness to your just and saving power.

December 6 and 7 for worship and rest

December 8: Luke 1:57-80
Zechariah’s Prayer
Holy Spirit, complete your saving work in my life and fill my mouth with praise.

December 9: Matthew 1:1-17
Genealogy of Jesus
God of the Ages, help me to believe and respond to your plan, even when your plan is far beyond my imagining.

December 10: Matthew 1:18-25
Joseph’s Dream
Holy Comforter, you are near when my dream dies. You are near the brokenhearted. Thanks be to you.

December 11: Matthew 1:18-25
God With Us
O come, O comeEmmanuel, encourage me with the promise of your steadfast presence and love.

December 12: Luke 2:1-7
No Room
Gift of Heaven, order my desiring and my time so I don’t miss you this season.

December 13 and 14 for worship and rest

December 15: Luke 2:1-7
Jesus Is Born
O holy Child of Bethlehem, descend to us, we pray. Cast out our sin, and enter in, be born in us today.- Phillips Brooks

December 16: Luke 2:8-14
Angels and Shepherds
Son of Mary, Son of God, bring peace to all on earth.

December 17: Luke 2:15-20
The Shepherds’ Visit
We welcome you O Christ, long-awaited Messiah. We receive you with joy and pray others will as well.

December 18: John 1:1-18
Jesus, the Word of God
Jesus, make me hungry for you and your word.

December 19: John 1:1-18
Jesus, the Word Made Flesh
Holy Christ, I sit in wonder before your willingness to be vulnerable so we might be saved.

December 20 and 21 for worship and rest

December 22: Luke 2:21
Jesus is Circumcised
Heavenly Father, mark me, name me, claim me as your child.

December 23: Luke 2:22-38
Simeon and Anna
Faithful God, grant me a persevering and active faith.

December 24: Matthew 2:1-12
The Star
Bright and Morning Star, lead me with your truth and light.

December 25: Matthew 2:1-12
The Wise Ones
Jesus, what am I really searching for?

December 26: Matthew 2:1-12
Gift Giving
King of Kings, receive the best I have, with all my adoration and love.

December 27 and 28 for worship and rest

December 29: Matthew 2:13-15
Run for Your Life
Light of the World, protect all who are displaced by violence and evil.
Grant them a safe home.

December 30: Matthew 2:16-18
Herod’s Genocide
Lord of Life, hear our cry. Rescue your beloved.
Deliver us from bloodshed. End the madness.

December 31: Matthew 2:19-23
Returning from Egypt
Lord of Heaven and Earth, save me from my wandering. Lead me home.

2014 Bible Reading Plan for Christmas © 2014 Lisa Ann Moss Degrenia
You are welcome to use this work in devotional settings with proper attribution.
Please contact Lisa for information and permission to publish this work in any form.

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