Blog Recommendation: A Holy Experience by Ann Voskamp

aholyexperience-logoAnn Voskamp is becoming one of my favorite bloggers. Her posts on A Holy Experience read like hot chocolate- warm, beautiful, rich, yummy. Her emotionally raw reflections are accompanied by gorgeous photography and graphics, plus helpful links and resource lists.

Her Pick of Best Bibles post is a terrific example. You’re right there, curled up with her and her kids as they read the story of Joseph and his brothers, experiencing their excitement and heartbreak. In then end, you’re moved and inspired to act, to pick up a Bible and read it to a loved one.

To send it over the top, at the end of the post, she provides a detailed list of Bible editions which are especially good for reading out loud. Bibles for all ages and situations. Many editions which were new to me.

What are your favorite blogs? What makes them meaningful to you? Share your blog treasure in the comments section below.

Blessings- Lisa <><

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