Holding Together Ascension, Pentecost, and Powerful Calls

flame-symbolAscension is here and Pentecost is close at hand….

Consider Acts 1:1-11 (The Ascension text) next to Acts 2 (The Pentecost Text) next to Isaiah 6:1-8 (The Call of Isaiah) next to Romans 12:1-2 (The renewal of our mind in Christ). Wow!

Holy Holy Holy… Mystery… Fire… Confusion… Presence…. Purpose … Empowerment…
Grace greater than all our fears and limitations. – Lisa <><

my small mind,
my little sparrow of fear
believes I am not good enough
to bear your love into this world,
to be the one to shine with your flame,
to carry your flowers,
to speak your Word.

Burn up that little mind
in the blaze of your love.
Let your whole heaven of beauty
sweep me away.
Kiss me with your fierce glory
and I melt,
smitten, molten,
my lips still burning,
my guts still aflutter.

Newly made, I know myself anew—
not by my falterings,
but by your flame in me.
I find myself not in my fear
but in your love.
Here am I.
I want to be there
as you kiss the world.
Send me.

~ Steve Garnaas-Holmes

Be sure to check out Steve Garnaas-Holmes’ most excellent blog, Unfolding Light, for more wonderful poetry and devotions.

For more information on the art, scripture translation and the use of this post in other settings, please refer to the copyright information page.

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