#LukeActs2014 Reading Plan

Luke ActsBishop Ken Carter of the Florida Conference of the United Methodist Church invites us to join him in reading Luke and Acts in 2014. Focusing on one chapter per week gives us the opportunity to live with the text for a while-

  • reading it several times
  • reading it in different translations
  • reading commentaries related to the chapter
  • discussing what we’ve read with others
  • keeping a journal of what we’ve discovered or how the chapter has prompted us to pray
  • creating art based on the reading (visual, music, poetry, etc.)
  • choosing a verse or two from the reading to memorize each week

Here’s a handy bookmark to help you keep track of what chapter to read on what week. Luke Acts Reading Plan Bookmark

Click here to read Bishop Carter’s entire post.

Join the conversation on Twitter at #LukeActs2014

Click here for a post on other New Testament Reading Plans and how to get the most out of reading the Bible.

What’s your plan for reading God’s Word this new year?

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