Now on Tumblr- Water in the Desert

tumblr-logoGreetings! Thanks so much for being on the journey with me. The blog quietly passed 500 posts last month. That’s amazing to me and I’m humbled by the grace of it all. It’s always been my hope that these quotes, prayers and worship resources would be helpful to others. One beggar showing another beggar where to find bread. Thanks so much for the encouraging comments on how you’re using them and for letting others know they’re welcome to use them as well.

I’ve just started a new micro-blog on Tumblr entitled Water in the Desert. It focuses on short Scriptures, prayers and quotes to keep us encouraged during those dry times on the road to wholeness. For me, the journey away from shame and perfectionism needs a constant flow of encouragement. The most helpful words remind me of God’s redeeming power in self compassion, compassion for others, grace, honesty and transparency. You’re very welcome to join me there as well.


May this new year take you from strength to strength.
Grace and Peace to you, now and always- Lisa <><

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