Prayer: Raise Us Up

boxing gloves1 Corinthians 9:26 CEB
This is how I run- not without a clear goal in sight.
I fight like a boxer in the ring, not like someone who is shadowboxing.

We grow weary in doing good
In doing “church”
The tyranny of tasks grinds us down
The weight of needs buries us blow by blow

Holy Spirit, raise us up
Raise us up from the long count
Focus us
Fully engage us
Pressing on to the prize
Your calling clearly in our sight
in our hearts
in our hands

Raise us up again and again and again
Fulfill your steadfast, saving work
Fulfill your kingdom in us and in the world
For the honor and glory of You
The One, True God

Prayer: Raise Us Up © 2013 Lisa Ann Moss Degrenia.
You are welcome to use this work in a worship setting with proper attribution.
Please contact Lisa for information and permission to publish this work in any form.

For more information on the art, scripture translation and the use of this post in other settings, please refer to the copyright information page.

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