Altar Tables: Baptismal Reaffirmation and Holy Communion

In worship we encounter God through proclamation, hymnody, and fellowship.  But the encounter reaches its climax in the sacraments.  In baptism we experience living faith as the sign of initiation.  In Eucharist we experience living faith as the sign of continuation.  The Water of birth, followed by the Bread and Wine of life.- Steve Harper

The Florida Conference of the United Methodist Church had their annual meeting recently. Every year representatives from across Florida gather for worship, workshops and the necessary organizational business. I bet you aren’t surprise to discover worship is my favorite part.

Ever year includes many worship services, but I was especially moved this year by the service where we had a chance to reaffirm our baptismal vows and the service of Holy Communion. So many elements came together to awaken us to God’s presence, including the altar tables. I was thrilled to receive permission to share pictures of them on the blog.

Both altarscapes were completed by Mr. Timothy Rounsaville, the Director of Worship Arts at Reeves Memorial United Methodist Church, Orlando Florida.

baptismal reaffirmation service altar tableFor the baptism scape he wanted to play with different flowy and multi-dimensional fabrics to represent water and how light is in them, catches them, how the wind moves them, and how the water flows in numerous directions. I thought his use of plastic wrap was really clever. The light caught it in beautiful ways, like flowing water. It was especially effective from a distance.

communion service altar table AC 2013For the communion scape he wanted it very organic, rustic, arid, and almost harsh with the use of burlap and dried wheat, driftwood, suede and leader. He wanted the burlap for it’s reference to sackcloth – how we come repentant to the altar to receive and leave a changed individual. Wow! I appreciate his vision for emphasizing the beauty and differences of each sacrament.

How are you preaching God’s Word visually in your worship services?

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