Gingerbread Nativity

Community United Methodist Church in DeBary Florida offers a midweek arts program for children entitled Creative Kids Cafe. There children explore worship and faith through music, drama and visual arts.

A few weeks ago, the wonderful visual arts team taught the children to make nativity scenes in the style of a classic gingerbread house. They were so cute and clever, I had to share the idea here. I hope this project brings a smile to your face and inspires some crafting time this blessed season. – Lisa <><


1 small white paper plate

1 large Christmas paper plate

1 empty paper butter box


Clear tape

Plastic knife

White prepared frosting

Shredded wheat

Graham crackers

Animal crackers

2 small pretzels

1 pretzel nugget

1 peppermint candy

1 toothpick sign with “Jesus is the greatest gift”



  1. Cut the butter box to the length of half a graham cracker.
  2. Tape the butter box half to the white paper plate.
  3. Put the white paper plate on the larger Christmas plate.
  4. Use the knife and frosting to attach pieces of graham cracker to the top and outside walls of the butter box.
  5. Attach the animal crackers to the graham cracker walls in the same manner.
  6. Attach the peppermint candy star to the graham cracker roof in the same manner.
  7. Place a small mound of frosting inside the bottom of the box. Carefully place the two small pretzels in the frosting at an angle forming a v shape. Hold and let dry. The pretzels form the manger for the baby, represented by the pretzel nugget.
  8. Place the shredded wheat around the structure to represent the hay.
  9. Add the presents and sign.

There’s usually lots of snacking, laughing and finger licking during this project so enjoy looking at it rather than eating it.

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