2012 Ash Wednesday Service

Remember You are Dust by John Pobojewski

We are going all out for Ash Wednesday this year. Worship services will be held in the sanctuary at 6:30am (wear your ashes all day!), 11:30am, and 7pm. These informal yet powerful services are driven by Scripture and a haunting Korean song entitled O-So-So from The Faith We Sing, #2232. It was our hope that by eliminating the sermon, the service would encourage everyone to recognize the importance of worship as “the work of the people.” (If you use the service you could of course add a sermon if you wanted.)

For a PDF version of the service, click here
Ash Wednesday Service – CUMC 2012

We are also offering a continuous Ash Wednesday Prayer Experience from 10am-9pm in the church cafe. The Ash Wednesday Prayer experience includes an opportunity to walk a prayer labyrinth, contemplative prayer stations, and commitment stations. The Prayer Experience and Services welcome persons of all ages.

Consider this is your official invitation to join us at Community United Methodist Church in DeBary for our many Lenten services and events, including our Passion Week Experience during Holy Week. On Sunday mornings during Lent, our sermon series will be Final Words, Final Meal: what Jesus taught at the Last Supper (Gospel of John, chapters 13-17).

I look forward to seeing you and to worshipping with you. – Lisa <><

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