What Breaks God's Heart?

Community United Methodist Church in DeBary FL, offers a midweek, afterschool arts program for children ages 4 through 5th grade. Each child chooses from one of three tracks: music, drama or creativity (hands-on projects including crafts and their favorite, LEGO construction).

Recently, the children in the creativity track explored the question “What breaks God’s heart?” by making a quilt. They discussed family life and school; the consequences of choices, sin, confession, repentance and God’s forgiveness. They realized that when we hurt others we also hurt God.

The first step in creating the quilt was to paint a red broken heart in the middle of a square of muslin. The children then wrote their prayers in the rest of the square. The squares were tied together into a quilt which was later used on the altar table during a worship service. During worship, some of their prayers were read leading into a time of confession for the entire congregation.

The quilt was later untied and each square made into a pillow that the children took home. The children were encouraged to continue to use their pillow to help them spend time with God, or to even scream into it or hit it rather than their sibling.

How might you teach the faith through a hands-on activity with children? How might you then use their work in worship to lead the rest of the congregation into discovering or practicing what they have learned? – Lisa <><

PS- A huge THANK YOU to Corey Trinkl, Director of Children’s Ministries at CUMC, for leading the children in this project and sharing it with the rest of the congregation. And to Kim Evans for designing the altar table to display their work in such a beautiful way.

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