Whisper Day 23: God Calls Isaiah

The Power of a Whisper Reading Plan
Day 23 Reading:
Isaiah 6:1-8

Here Am I, Send Me by Amanda Jolley

Pastor Lisa’s Journal
In the year that King Uzziah died, I saw the Lord sitting on a throne, high and lofty; and the hem of his robe filled the temple. – Isaiah 6:1 (NRSV)

Isaiah is overwhelmed by the grandeur and power of his encounter with God. In the presence of God’s holiness and glory, Isaiah sees himself as unworthy and unclean. His humble confession is answered with divine cleansing. God then issues a call to action, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?” Isaiah responds, “Send me.”

I usually stop reading at verse 8. The passion and courage of Isaiah’s response is inspiring. Cue the music. Fade to black. The End. Reading further I realize God’s mission for Isaiah is incredibly painful and difficult. The people have not listened and will not listen. They will receive the consequences of their choices- destruction and exile. In time, God grace will bring forth life from the stump which remains.

I am struck by how Isaiah’s call to action differs from the calls of Moses and Jeremiah.

Moses and Jeremiah
Their encounters with God are solitary and rather quiet. They hesitate to accept, making excuses about their speaking skills. (Moses makes many additional excuses) In response, God supplies what is needed to fulfill the call. God uses their names. God’s attention is clearly focused on them.

Isaiah’s call is far from solitary and quiet. I imagine it would be like standing in the middle of awe-full, holy circus: blindingly colorful and bright yet filtered through a milky veil of frankincense, so loud every sound rattles your bones. How could he think, breathe, let alone speak? Isaiah confesses and is cleansed by a terrifying angel bearing an equally terrifying coal. Isaiah is self aware in response to his spectacular encounter with God, but it doesn’t come across as an excuse or hesitation. God’s call hasn’t even been made yet. When it is made, God doesn’t look at Isaiah or mention his name. God sends the call out across the heavens, available for anyone to respond. Isaiah makes the courageous decision to draw God’s attention again, “Here am I; send me!”

Lord of Hosts…Holy… Spectacular… Awe-full…
Who am I that you would notice me?
That you would cleanse and forgive?
That you would ask for a messenger… a helper?
That you would accept my willingness to serve?
Your consideration only increases your glory.
I marvel at your grace.

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As you read, you are encouraged to use the SOAP Method for keeping a spiritual journal, as taught at New Hope Christian Fellowship in Hawaii. For more information on this simple and powerful way of engaging the Word of God, please click here or use the simple instructions provided in the reading plan itself.

I look forward to reading your comments and to all that Jesus will do in you and through you as you learn to better listen and respond to God’s
whispers in your life. – Lisa <><

PS- For more information on the scripture translation, art and the use of this devotional in other settings, please refer to the copyright information page.

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