Book Shelf: Making a Good Move

Making a Good Move:
Opening the Door to a Successful Pastorate

Michael J. Coyner (Author)
Published by Abingdon Press (December, 1999)

My review: 4 out of 5 stars
A simple, short read, but packed with practical ideas and honest discussion. Great for pastors and church leaders in the midst of pastoral transition. Made a huge difference the last time I transitioned from one congregation to another.

From the publisher:
Michael Coyner argues that though the early months and years of a new pastorate can be stressful and difficult, they can also be particularly fruitful. These new beginnings can be among the most rewarding times of a pastor’s career, especially if the minister seizes opportunities for establishing and strengthening relationships with church members and plans carefully for the transition out of the initial “honeymoon” period. Drawing on years of experience as a pastor of local congregations as well as extensive work supervising pastors, Coyner provides solid, sensible guidance on making a good move into a successful ministry. Written in consultation with pastors from both “call” and “appointment” systems, this book will be of value to those who are starting a new ministry placement, whether they be fresh out of seminary or long-time seasoned veterans.

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