John Day 27: Jesus Promises the Holy Spirit

Cosmic Harmonies by J. Matar

Gospel of John Reading Plan
Day 27 Reading:
John 14:15-31

Bringing the Word to Life
Put a rubber band or string around your wrist as a reminder that the Holy Spirit is with you, your Guide and Counselor. Consider leaving it on for several days.

Pastor Lisa’s Journal
I will not leave you orphaned.
– John 14:18 (NRSV)

Jesus promises to send the Holy Spirit after he returns to the Father. The Holy Spirit is described as Advocate, Counselor and Teacher. The passage is full of comforting promises and family imagery- being at home with God, not orphaned, the gift of peace, God in us and us in God.

Jesus goes but we are not alone. God is still with us in the Holy Spirit.

Comforting One, you know what we fear. We fear being alone. More than alone… abandoned…orphaned. In your great mercy, you make a home for us and a place in your family. We are grateful for your instruction. We are thankful for your peace. We are in awe of your companionship- you in us and us in you. What consolation! What assurance! What grace! Your compassion is too wonderful for words. May all people come to trust and embrace your welcome. In Jesus Name we pray. Amen.

For more information on the Gospel of John Reading Plan, click here

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