John Day 20: The Death of Lazarus

John 11 the brick testament jesus lazarus

John 11:5 from The Brick Testament, the Bible in Legos

Gospel of John Reading Plan
Day 22 Reading:
John 11:1-16

Bringing the Word to Life
In complete darkness, try to walk through your house or do some household chores. Turn on a light to appreciate the power and glory of Christ’s light in our lives.

Pastor Lisa’s Journal
Although Jesus loved Martha, Mary, and Lazarus, he stayed where he was for the next two days and did not go to them. – John 11:5-6 (NLT)

Jesus receives word that his beloved friend Lazarus is gravely ill. He delays going to heal him and Lazarus dies. Jesus does not delay because it is dangerous to return to Bethany. He delays because God has another plan.

After all these years, I am still learning to trust that God is always good and always true, to have confidence in God. Confidence comes from the words con-fide meaning with trust. What would my life look like if lived with confidence in God; in times when I understand and when I do not, when the answer comes quickly and when the answer seems delayed, when the reply is what I expect and when it is a surprise.

My prayer came out as a poem today…
There are times when I feel in perfect rhythm with you
Other times I feel out of step
Confused and unnerved like a child on her first day of class

You offer me your hand again, that I may follow your lead
I want to fly in your arms, trusting you are always there to catch me
but I hold back
I have been dropped before by other partners

You understand
You are a patient teacher

You train me in the discipline of your ways
I become flexible and strong
Quicker to respond to your touch
You show me step after step
I begin to understand your timing
I want to trust it, even when you are beyond my sight
You move again and again and again in my life
My confidence in you grows
I take the leap of faith

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1 thought on “John Day 20: The Death of Lazarus

  1. This scripture remind me the song titled “Lead me lord”the churus
    You are my light
    You’re the lamp upon my feet
    All the time my Lord I need you there
    You are my light
    I cannot live alone
    Let me stay by your guiding love
    All through my life
    Lead me lord.
    ” There are twelve hours of daylight every day,and during every hour of it a man can walk safely and not stumble.”Jhon 11-9

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