John Day 19: Stone in Hand

Hand and Stone by Paul Louis Villani

Gospel of John
Reading Plan
Day 19 Reading:

John 10:22-42

Bringing the Word to Life
Pick up a stone. Draw back to throw, remembering a time you were angry with God or a time when you experienced a failure/loss which which caused you to doubt God. Now think of all God has done for you, especially the gift of Jesus. Notice how your hand and arm relax. Make amends.

By doubting we come to inquiry, by inquiry we come to truth. – Peter Abelard

Pastor Lisa’s Journal
My Father, who has given them to me, is greater than all; no one can snatch them out of my Father’s hand. – John 10:29 (NIV)

John has established a clear pattern of action and reaction. Jesus teaches or preaches and the Jewish leaders react. They question Jesus, accuse Jesus, disbelieve Jesus, and frequently try to stone him.

I keep a couple of good sized river rocks in my office. They’re beautiful to me- dark and round, smooth and cool to the touch, heavy in my hand. When you have a stone in your hand, your fingers naturally curl around its edges to make a kind of fist. You can’t do much. You can’t open a door or type or take a sip of water. You can’t pick up anything either. Your hand is full- too full to hold anything else.

In order for your hand to be useful again, you must put down the stone.
In order for your hand to be free to receive something new, you must put down the stone.

I am thankful God chooses to pick us up instead of picking up a stone.

Lord Jesus, show me the stones I carry with me
Stones of prejudice and hate
Stones of mistrust and misunderstanding
Stones of fear
Stones of betrayal
The lies I have piled up
The lives I have broken down
Free me from the tomb I have made for myself
Take away the stone


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2 thoughts on “John Day 19: Stone in Hand

  1. Good point … I use to carry a small river stone in my pocket. It was given to me by a Tennessee preacher. He called it “A Worry Rock” … instructions was to touch it and remember that at one time it was not smooth. God’s love and grace can take away the roughness of your life and make it smooth … I hadn’t thought about that “Worry Rock” in years. I gave it away to someone who was carrying more problems than me.

  2. This passage reminds me of a Nicole Nordeman song.
    This is the chorus:
    Help me believe
    Cause I don’t wanna miss any miracles
    Maybe I’d see much better by closing my eyes
    And I would shake this grown up skin I’m in
    And touch an angel’s wing
    Help me believe

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