John Day 5: Spirit Without Limit

Deep Breath by Melanie Weidner

Gospel of John Reading Plan
Day 5 Reading:
John 3:22-36

Bringing the Word to Life
What must become less in your life so that Jesus may become greater?

Pastor Lisa’s Journal
God gives the Spirit without limit.
– John 3:34 (NRSV)

Some people begin to see Jesus as John the Baptist’s competition, or even a copycat. John assures them that Jesus “comes from above” and has the true authority and power to be the Messiah. John knows it is right for him to decrease as Jesus becomes greater.

God is far more generous than we can imagine. How am I putting limits on the Spirit? Putting limits on what God desires to be limitless?

Eternal One, you are limitless and generous. Help me to know and live this truth. Scarcity is taught as a fact. Some have and some do not have because there is never enough. This makes it good and right to compete, protect, hide, and limit. Cure me of this falsehood Lord, especially when it comes to you giving the Spirit. You give to all. You give more than enough. Our cup overflows with grace and new life, yet we ration you out a thimbleful at a time. Open our hearts and hands so your Spirit flows as free as the wind, like a waterfall without source or end. Free us from deception so we may embrace and live the fullness of you. In Jesus’ Name we trust and pray. Amen.

Don’t wait till you know the source of the wind before you let it refresh you,
or its destination before you spread sail to it.
It offers what you need; trust yourself to it.
-William Temple , Readings in John’s Gospel

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