John Day 4: Born of the Spirit

Holy Spirit Coming by He Qi

Gospel of John Reading Plan
Day 4 Reading:
John 3:1-21

Bringing the Word to Life
Pray for all who have spiritual questions that they would find the truth and light of Christ.

Pastor Lisa’s Journal
Flesh gives birth to flesh, but the Spirit gives birth to spirit.
– John 3:6 (NRSV)

Nicodemus risks much in speaking with this controversial rabbi called Jesus. He takes the risk because he’s hungry to know how to please God and thus gain eternal life. Nicodemus has been taught that you must work hard to engineer a right relationship with God. You do this through diligent study, disciplining your will, and by following hundreds of rules to perfection. He wants to know if there’s anything else he should be doing. Jesus tells him it’s not about doing; it’s about being- being born again. How are we born again? By grace through faith in Jesus, God’s son and messiah.

Born again or born anew is the word anothen in Greek. It has three meanings. All three are needed and important to right understanding.
1) born a 2nd time
2) a radical/complete new beginning
3) born from above, God’s doing via the Spirit

What is born of flesh is mortal. It has an expiration date. What is born of the Spirit is immortal because it is infused with God’s saving power. Redeemed! No expiration date! Jesus offers us eternal life- every part of our life, not just our soul. This means that as a follower of Christ my life, thoughts, words, relationships, body, work, acts of service and charity…everything… can be born of the Spirit. God offers us an awesome privilege, power and responsibility.

Holy Spirit, pregnant with new life, eternal life, welcome home to my spirit. Arise in every thought. Bring forth justice, encouragement and truth in every word. Deliver unity and peace in every relationship. Carry hope and healing in every motion of my hands. Give birth not just in me, but to a whole new generation, a people so full of your gifts and power they never labor in vain. Open our eyes to the glory that is possible through your grace moving within us. Open our hearts to the great responsibility of our every response- is it of flesh or is it of you? Open us to welcome you and give you thanks in all things, now and always. Amen.

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