John Day 2: What are you looking for?

Gospel of John Reading Plan
Day 2 Reading:
John 1:29-51

Bringing the Word to Life
“Come and see.” Invite friends and family to a worship service, small group meeting, an Easter event, or to join you in a service project.

Pastor Lisa’s Journal
When Jesus turned and saw them following he said to them, “What are you looking for?” They said to him, “Rabbi” (which translated means Teacher), “Where are you staying?”
– John 1:38 (NRSV)

John the Baptist prepares the way for Jesus. Now that Jesus has begun his public ministry, John starts to literally point his followers to Jesus so that they will become his followers. Jesus also invites people to be his followers himself.

I put myself into the scripture and see Jesus asking me, “What are you looking for?” What am I looking for this Lenten season? Over the years I’ve been more and less disciplined in my looking, and more and less guilty about it. I am always looking for something real, something that will last, something I can trust. Where will I find it? The key is the disciples’ answer, “Where are you staying?” Where are you staying Jesus? Where are you at work? Who are you hanging out with? What’s important to you? You’re what I’m looking for and that’s where I want to be.

O Lord, this my soul is wider than the world, its longing from depths deeper than any valley, the pain of desire is more troubling than the faint lost bell notes. Only thyself canst fill so vast an emptiness. – Romano Guardini, Sacred Signs

Jesus, you see us searching and come near. So often we don’t know what we want, but we keep searching anyway. Save us from distraction and foolish rambling. Save us from getting lost in work, in ritual, in things that do not last. You want to be found and known. You understand the deepest longings of our hearts. You alone can answer the hungers of our soul. Thank you for inviting us to come and to see and to stay with you. We just want to be with you, no matter what that means. Help everyone to hear your invitation and to know they are welcome, too. In your name we trust and pray. Amen.

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