A.C.T.S. Prayer Service

Prayer by Angu Walters

We recently finished a sermon series on the Lord’s Prayer. After weeks of discussing prayer it seemed right to plan a worship service where we could practice what we had been preaching. At this prompting, my friend and co-worker Nicole Sallee designed two beautiful and powerful worship services, one contemporary and one traditional, composed of prayer, testimony, and Holy Communion. A huge thank you to Nicole for giving me permission to share the services with you.

Each service is divided into four segments. Each segment provides a definition of a type of prayer followed by spoken and sung prayers in that same type. The services are designed to reflect the four types of prayer found in the ACTS prayer pattern: Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving and Supplication. We chose this pattern because using the ACTS prayer pattern brings balance to our prayer lives since we frequently emphasize only one or two types of prayer.

Our prayer is that these services would be a blessing and inspiration to you and your congregation, as well as a blessing to our Lord. To God be the Glory!- Lisa <><

For a copy of the traditional prayer service, click here
ACTS Prayer Service, traditional

For a copy of the contemporary prayer service, click here
ACTS Prayer Service, contemporary

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